Mehdi Rafaty and Mandi Rafaty established Tag Front in 1989. The firm relocated from Orange County to Los Angeles in 1999 to accommodate well known restaurant clients and has continued to expand globally into Asia and Europe with uncompromising integrity. Tag Front's multifarious body of work includes commercial, residential, retail and restaurant projects, as well as interior design, furniture, product design and conceptual design.

An organic modernist aesthetic can be traced throughout the woof and warp of Tag Front's selective projects, featuring characteristic elements of refined textural and sculptural details. Honest and raw materials and a harnessed balance of complexity and simplicity are united with specific functional requirements. A highly personalized approach is lent to each project whereby the team applies fastidious attention and innovative solutions with considerable economy of means to leave behind a distinctive imprint that is altogether rich in design, efficiency and purpose.

Featured in publications such as Dwell, Interior Design Magazine and Surface, and eliciting the interest of reputed international architectural and interior design books, their work has enjoyed industry and public recognition for its considerable impact on the modern architectural landscape of Los Angeles.

Tag Front created the original space for "Little Boa" and has subsequently developed multiple successful spaces for the now acclaimed Boa Restaurant Group. Their personal idiom carries over into conceptual retail developments for Dita Eyewear, yielding striking results that withstand design trends and obsolescence.